Wacom CTL-6100WL (Cover)

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Please keep in mind this generation of Wacom Intuos tablets includes four models:

CTL-4100 (Small without wireless, 4 buttons)

CTL-4100WL (Small with wireless, 5 buttons)

CTL-6100 (Medium without wireless, 4 buttons)

CTL-6100WL (Medium with wireless, 5 buttons)

Foxbox supports covers for all three, so please ensure you are choosing the correct one as the sizing and buttons change! Click the model numbers above to go to the corresponding tablet cover.

Protect and personalize your tablet with one of our precision cut, ultra-durable, custom printed device skins.

Combining genuine 3M vinyl with a super strong polycarbonate laminate, our custom printed tablet covers protect the surface of your tablet and improve the feel of its surface.

Our easy-to-use editor lets you choose your own image and preview exactly what your cover will look like on your tablet.

Best of all, you'll be sure to make your friends jealous. If only I had any friends :(

Trust in our quality: grab a Foxbox tablet cover and make your tablet truly yours!

Click Customize to be taken to our editor to make your own!