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Frequently Asked Questions



How long will my order take?

How big should my image be?

Does the preview in the editor look like the final product will?

What pictures can I use?

Where can I find pictures to use?

Can you make custom-sized decals/posters/other prints?


How long does shipping take?

Do you ship to my country?

Do I receive tracking info for my order?

Can I pay for expedited shipping?


Are there discounts for buying multiple items?

I'm from a company and we want wholesale/large quantity pricing. Can you help?

Tablet Covers / All Decals

Tablet Covers

Can I remove the cover/decal later? How?

How do I apply my cover/decal?

Help! I applied my cover and air bubbles appeared later!

Will dragging or drawing affect the cover?

Will pressure sensitivity be affected by the cover?

Will the touch function of my tablet still work with a cover on?

Are the covers waterproof?

How can I clean the cover?

Mousepads / Deskmats


What material are the mousepads made of?

How is the image placed on the mousepad?

How can I wash the mousepad?

Can you make mousepads/deskmats in other sizes?