International Shipping Info

Due to the complexities of international shipping, and in response to some messages I've been receiving very frequently, here's a post that should cover most questions you might have.

Just as a reminder: this page is for international shipments, meaning all orders outside the USA.

What carrier is delivering my packages?

All international packages, once leaving the USA, are handled and delivered by your country's local postal service. This is different for every country, some examples: Canada -> Canada Post, Germany -> Deutsche Post, UK -> Royal Mail.

Foxbox / ePost Global are not shipping companies! (I am literally one person) I personally have no control over your package or its delivery, only your country's local postal service does. I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding, but even if you contact me with delivery questions I have no access to extra info. All the info and advice I can give you for tracking your package is on this page, so keep reading for more info.

Can I change the shipping address on my order?

If your order is not shipped yet, you can contact us at any time and provide your order number, current shipping address (for verification) and new shipping address you'd like to change it to. Please note that I cannot change any info for any packages that are shipped - no exceptions.

How can I track my package?

First, click the large Track Package button at the top of the email you receive from Foxbox once your order ships. If you did not receive this email, your order is either not sent yet (see Order Status) or you might be checking the wrong email account. Do not use third party tracking sites (from Google) or the Shop app to track your order! Only use the EPG tracking page sent directly to you via email, OR your country's local postal service's tracking site (see below).

Track Package Button

For the first several days after receiving the email from Foxbox, the tracking page will show an error or "no tracking updates" as the label has just been created and it takes time for the package to arrive at the international distribution center. Please ignore the error message and wait patiently for tracking details to start appearing.

Once your package is processed, the tracking page will have an update that includes a new tracking number:

Alternate Tracking Number Example

It is not required, but you can use that tracking number on the tracking site for your country's local postal service (see above). It may offer more info than the PPX track page, but may not work in every case (not all countries support this) and will only work once the package arrives in your country. Once again, do not use any third-party tracking sites besides EPG tracking (linked to you) and your country's official postal service's website (with the alternate tracking number). 

I've been waiting a long time / my package says it could not be delivered.

If your tracking stopped showing updates after the US - it's likely your package is either still waiting for transport out of the US or your country's local postal service does not support updates after the package arrives in your country. In both cases, waiting patiently and/or contacting your country's local postal service (or their tracking page) with your alternate tracking number shown above is your best option.

If you experience large delays or issues with delivery of your package, and need more info that this page can provide, you must contact your country's local postal service directly with any questions. When contacting them, you should reference the alternate tracking number shown above.

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