nazuna - Chunithm NEW Monitor Bracket

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This listing is for nazuna (monitor bracket) only!

For the full Chunithm NEW upgrade kit, please see nanairo

  • nazuna - a haughty bracket, spacers, and hardware for seamlessly mounting a replacement high refresh rate display in your cabinet

For nazuna, you will need:

  • LG 32GN50T, 32GN50R, 32GN500, or 32GN550
  • Right-angle DisplayPort cable (or very small headed HDMI cable, to clear bracket)
  • Tools: Philips screwdriver, security T20 driver, 7mm and 10mm sockets

Take a peek at the install guide for more info, or feel free to ask questions in your favorite Mythical chat room.

For now, nazuna will ship to USA only. I will open up to international orders shortly.