nanairo - Chunithm NEW Upgrade Kit

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nanairo is a complete kit that includes cables, brackets, and necessary hardware to upgrade your Chunithm cabinet from older versions to NEW. nanairo is divided into four components:

  • naru - a lively tray for mounting the components of an ALLS PC to easily and securely fit inside your cabinet
  • nagi - a confident harness to provide AC power to your replacement PC and monitor
  • nachi - a smug PCB to adapt the legacy serial connections and provide DC power to other components in your cabinet
  • nazuna - a haughty bracket and spacers for seamlessly mounting a replacement high refresh rate display in your cabinet

In addition to nanairo, you will need:

  • An ALLS PC (any except 1st gen MX should be powerful enough)
  • An IO4 board (837-15257-01, 837-15257-02, or 837-15257-91)
  • LG 32GN50T, 32GN50R, 32GN500, or 32GN550 (optional for 120hz)
  • Right-angle DisplayPort cable (or very small headed HDMI cable, to clear bracket)
  • Tools: Philips screwdriver, security T20 driver, 7mm and 10mm sockets

Take a peek at the install guide for more info, or feel free to ask questions in your favorite Mythical chat room.

Files for naru and nazuna will be made open source shortly.

Sales begin soon. For now, this kit will ship to USA only. I will open up to international orders shortly after the first wave of kits.