Product Improvements and Opportunities

Product Improvements and Opportunities

Hello everyone! I have some important updates regarding Foxbox so if you have the time, please take a look! Each update is titled with its subject, so if it’s something you don’t care to read feel free to skip it. Cheers!

Mousepad Improvements

All pending and future mousepads will use a new surface material and rubber base, making them four millimeters thick instead of three. This will significantly improve their resistance to curling over time and resist sliding on your desk even more. Also, a new sewing method means the end of the stitching will no longer have a visible thread-end. This is one less thing that could eventually wear loose.

Tablet Cover Improvements

We have finalized testing on a new material for the surface of our tablet covers. The new material is produced by 3M and is an industrial over-laminate used in high-traffic industrial applications. The thickness is increased by almost fifty percent, but more importantly the material itself is much harder and will resist wear from dragging significantly better than our previous material. Application of the cover will also become much easier and new precise methods are available because of the rigidity this material provides. The cost to our customers will remain the same. The new material will replace the old material sometime within the next month once an initial bulk order can be finalized. We will continue to do internal testing and make improvements in cooperation with our materials partners and pass them on to our customers. As a side note, we always guarantee our covers against normal wear and tear, so please DM a support admin if you ever experience excessive wear with any of our products :)

New Skins

As a final note, a new thinner yet extremely resilient material is being tested for use as phone, laptop, and console skins. Most popular devices are expected to be supported at launch with over 100 to be supported over time, however I don’t have a timeframe yet as there is still much work to be done (everything must be tested and perfected on my own while fulfilling normal orders). Please look forward to this in the near future!

Art Commission Opportunities

We are looking for an artist(s) to do paid commission work for promotion of our site and products. The style we are looking for is a modern Eastern anime art style (we will be pretty picky about this). We have an idea of what we want and the job would begin with cooperating with me personally to finalize character design of a mascot. Several full bodies, chibis, and themed art pieces would then be commissioned from the final design. This would be an ongoing position paid up-front for each work. If yourself or someone you know might be interested, please send me a DM on Discord (Horo#6429), email me at horo (at) or send me a DM on Twitter @horocchi


I hope with some hard work and future changes I can make Foxbox into something I can truly be proud of; something that can fulfill the most complex custom orders in a fast timeframe while still maintaining the exacting quality I demand. This will require not only a lot of hard work from myself, but also the ongoing support of all my awesome friends and customers. To everyone reading this, I want to thank you so much again for your ongoing support and patience.