Foxbox Holiday 2019 - Vacation and New Orders

Foxbox Holiday 2019 - Vacation and New Orders

Happy holidays from the Foxbox Team!

This is Horo here, I greatly appreciate everyone's support this year and apologize for the usual lack of updates on the blog itself. Most info and updates are always posted on our Discord server, so please join if you haven't yet!

Foxbox is entirely a one-man operation, with myself being the only person to handle all order production and shipping. Just like last year, I will be out of the country visiting Japan from December 26th to January 13th. This combined with the Christmas holidays means I won't be able to produce new orders after the 23rd and until I return from Japan. However, I will still have full internet access and will be able to respond and help however I can via email and Discord. 

I would first like to clarify that the site will still be fully functional while I'm gone, and you are absolutely encouraged to place orders freely, however your order will not be begin to be produced and shipped until I return home on the 14th of January. A reminder will be persistently visible at the top of the site as well as at the cart pages to remind you of this.

Due to production times and the Christmas holidays, the cutoff to place a new order and have it ship before I leave is December 23rd at 12:00PM PST. I will be preparing a batch of orders later in the day as well as packaging/shipping them over the next few days before I leave the country. Keep in mind that although you'll receive a shipping confirmation shortly after that, the packages can't actually be dropped off with the postal service until after Christmas due to the holidays. There may also be further processing delays at the postal service due to the holidays, just keep this in mind if you like to check frequently for tracking updates.

In the final printed batch I will try to include all newer orders that exist up to that point, but you should order before the cutoff above to guarantee you'll be in the batch.

If you haven't yet joined our Discord server I highly recommend doing so, as there are constant updates on new products, shipment/production batches, and much more. As always please send me message on Discord if you have any questions regarding this notice, an existing order, or about anything Foxbox related.