Corsace Open 3rd Place Winners Prizes

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Congratulations to team Vitalis for 3rd place in Corsace Open 2018!

Please choose your tablet model from the drop-down menu above before adding to cart! If you are a mouse player, please choose Mousepad from the drop-down instead, and you will receive a custom mousepad with the same art instead.

Mousepad size: 450 x 300mm (4mm thick)

Tablet Covers: Varies by model, choose your model before adding to cart!

At checkout, please enter your team's unique code at the first step (before confirming your address) to enable your free order. Finally, be sure to choose the free shipping option so that no payment method is required! If the free shipping option doesn't appear, make sure you applied the code before confirming your address.

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If at any point you have any questions about the fulfillment of your prize(s) please send a Discord DM to Horo#0001 anytime.